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New York State Police Recruitment Center

Women in the NYSP

1974, Carol Johnston, Carol Desell, Maureen Tuffey, and Regina Robbins were the first women to become New York State TroopersAlthough the campaign that resulted in the creation of the New York State Police in 1917 was led by two women, Moyca Newell and Katherine Mayo, it was not until 56 years later that the first female recruits would enter the academy. In 1974, Carol Johnston, Carol Desell, Maureen Tuffey, and Regina Robbins were the first women to become New York State Troopers. They are pictured here with Superintendent William Kirwan at graduation. Today, there are over 400 women that are sworn members holding 15 different ranks, many of which are supervisory.

Deputy Superintendent Patricia M. Groeber, Employee Relations - Division Headquarters

Deputy Superintendent Patricia M. GroeberI have been a member of the New York State Police since 1986 and currently possess the rank of Deputy Superintendent in Division Headquarters, serving as the head of Employee Relations. I have had the privilege of serving in many capacities during my career in both the uniform force and in the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

If I could say anything about this job to people considering this as a career, I would highlight the opportunities it affords you, the tremendous challenges presented and the sense of accomplishment for what we do everyday. I could not be more proud of the people I work with throughout New York State.

Major Neely J. Jennings, Human Resources

Major Neely J. JenningsI have been a member of the New York State Police since 1990 and currently hold the rank of Major, assigned as the Director of Human Resources. I have worked in various assignments and details since joining the Division of State Police. I feel one of the more significant opportunities I earned was the ability to attend the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Law Enforcement Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The education, training and experiences obtained from these various assignments, details and opportunities have led to my successful career. On a more personal note, I truly enjoy being able to assist officers' families nationwide, while embracing my love for cycling, through participation in the Police Unity Tour. Furthermore, I have been given the chance to support various community resources through the Annual East Coast Women Trooper Charity Softball Tournament. I am proud to be a part of an agency that is as diverse as it is challenging for all of its members.

Investigator Damaris Abrams-Jones, Troop NYC

Investigator Damaris Abrams-JonesMy name is Damaris Abrams-Jones and I am an Investigator currently assigned to the Criminal Squad located in NYC. I chose my occupation with the New York State Police for its distinctive reputation, unlimited career opportunities and job security. The versatility within the New York State Police has afforded me the flexibility to balance my professional career as well as my family life with my husband and two daughters. The past six and a half years have been the most challenging, yet rewarding in that it has positively affected my life in a way that no other profession could have. I look forward to the future challenges and experiences with my family at the New York State Police.

Senior Investigator Kelly Strack, Troop G Forensic Identification Unit

Investigator Kelly StrackI'm a senior investigator assigned to the Troop G Forensic Identification Unit commonly referred to as the FIU. The FIU is a support unit that assists the State Police, Sheriff's Dept's and local police agencies with the documentation, collection, preservation and processing of physical evidence and crime scenes. I became interested in this type of work while working in a complaint station. I believe that law enforcement is a business and that we need to provide excellent customer service to our complainants. So after making numerous requests for the FIU to process burglary scenes, it was suggested that I become trained as a Crime Scene Technician. After assisting the FIU with my first homicide, I knew that this was the type of work I wanted to do. I Inv. Kelly Strack at a crime scenetruly feel blessed to be a member of the Troop G Forensic Identification Unit and the New York State Police.

Technical Sergeant Kathy Humphries, Aviation Unit Albany

Technical Sergeant Kathy HumphriesI have been in the New York State Police since 1994, and also retired at the rank of Major from the Army National Guard after serving over 20 years. After I graduated from St. Lawrence University and then from Army Flight School, I was looking for a challenging career...something out of the ordinary. The State Police provided an unbelievable opportunity to combine my love of flying with public service. The NY State Police Aviation Unit provides a number of services to the people of New York State. Those missions include, but aren't limited to: Law Enforcement, Medical Evacuation, Search and Rescue, Marijuana Searches, transport of MRT, Scuba Divers and Canine Handlers to a scene and transport of state government officials.

Even if I wasn't a pilot, this would have been the ultimate career choice. The opportunity for advancement and variation of assignments are endless. It's always exciting regardless of your rank or unit and the overall job satisfaction is outstanding.

Sergeant/Station Commander Amy Landy, Forensic Investigation Center

Sergeant/Station Commander Amy LandyPotential applicants often overlook the fact that there are many exciting opportunities available within the State Police for those inclined to pursue them. This job has taken me (by choice) to several different stations that ranged from smaller stations patrolling the scenic borders of Vermont and New Jersey to the more metropolitan areas surrounding Rockland County and Albany. I was especially honored when I was "assigned" to attend the University of Albany to obtain a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. I have worked exciting undercover assignments. I have received training as a crime scene technician. I even delivered a baby girl on the side of the interstate.

I am confident that you will find the diversity of opportunity available in the New York State Police to be a tremendous place to begin a rewarding career. I truly believe that it has been for me.

Investigator Diane Trickey, Troop E

Investigator Diane Trickey with MacI began my career with the New York State Police in 2002. After completing my academy training I was assigned to SP Homer. While stationed there I had the opportunity to work as a Field Training Officer and was a mentor for new recruits. In 2006 I was afforded the opportunity to attend the State Police K9 Academy in Cooperstown. I was assigned to the Explosive Detection Team with K9, Mac. Mac and I were also certified in tracking and handler protection during our five months of training. Mac and I were a team until 2013 when I was promoted to the position of Investigator and was assigned to SP Horseheads BCI. As a result of my promotion, Mac has been retired and will spend her remaining days protecting my home and my children.

Investigator Diane Trickey with dogI cannot imagine a more rewarding career than this. I enjoy serving our community and being active in helping people feel safe in the area they live in. Working for the New York State Police is like having a second family.

Trooper Amanda Giles, Troop C

Trooper Amanda GilesI have always wanted to be in Law Enforcement since I was a little girl. In June of 2004 my dream came true and I began my career with the New York State Police. During my career I have been able to be apart of many different experiences and opportunities, from working the Greater New York State Fair, being a Field Training Officer, training for undercover work, and running the Torch Run to raise awareness on Special Olympics.

Trooper Amanda GilesIn 2011 I trained hard and completed the Defensive Tactics Instructor course. I now get to train new recruits in the academy and troopers in the field on Defensive Tactics and Taser.

In this career the possibilities are endless and I enjoy being able to take on new adventures daily.

Trooper Danielle Quill, Troop E

Trooper Danielle QuillI began my career with the New York state Police in May of 2006 and graduated from the State Police academy on October 31st, 2006. My first assignment upon graduating the academy was Troop F headquarters, SP Middletown communications. In 2007 I was assigned to Troop C Zone 3, at SP Ithaca and continued on to Troop E Zone 3, SP Bath in 2008. While working as a road Trooper at SP Bath, I was subsequently appointed to a position with the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit. I am currently assigned to the CVEU and work out of Troop E, Zone 3. My current position has not only allowed me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge of New York State law, New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, but has also afforded me additional training and education in Federal laws pertaining to commercial motor vehicles. The NYSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit works closely with New York State Department of Transportation and I am afforded the opportunity to work joint operations with NY State DOT inspectors. I am proud to say that I am a member of this organization and believe the opportunities within the State Police are endless.

Trooper Juanita Salas-Jackson, Human Resources

Trooper Juanita Salas-JacksonI have been with the NYSP since 2003. I have always wanted to be in a career helping people so I joined the United States Army Reserves to ready myself physically and mentally for a career with the New York State Police. It was a sheer blessing that I enjoyed every minute of being a Soldier and when the NYSP called I was ready for both. I have two wonderful careers that I was made for. I am currently the NYSP Military Liaison and I get to help Military Members of the State Police (Reserves and National Guard) on a daily basis with a number of aspects military related. I also help teach our force Veteran Awareness. Not all personnel are aware of the challenges that Veterans may face, and I am happy to serve as that liaison.

Trooper Juanita Salas-JacksonIf you are a Veteran and you want a career that is similar and rewarding, then look no further the New York State Police is your new home. There are several benefits of having these two careers just call and ask.

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