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New York State Police Recruitment Center

Basic Training

Basic Training - Defensive Tactics TrainingDefensive Tactics Training

To graduate from the Academy, a recruit must show proficiency in the Defensive Tactics Course which begins early in the training schedule. Program components require agility and strength. A recruit is expected to be in sufficient physical condition to participate in all aspects of defensive tactics training, such as boxing, weapons disarming, ground fighting, etc.

Firearms Training and Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

Firearms Training and Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) involve classroom and off-site training. Recruits must show proficiencyBasic Training - Firearms Training in both these areas to graduate.

Physical Training

All recruits will be expected to enter the Academy in top physical condition. Recruits will be required to participate in strenuous physical exercise throughout the Academy. The Physical Training course is based upon the Physical Ability Test Norms that candidates are required to meet to enter the Academy. (see Recruitment page for entrance norms) The Physical Ability Test (PAT) consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and the one and one-half mile run. In order to graduate from the Academy, a recruit must perform at the 70th percentile as provided below:

Basic Training - Vehicle Operations CoursePhysical Fitness Levels (70th Percentile Graduation Norms)

Female Candidates
Age Group: 20-29 30-39
Sit-ups (one minute) 41 32
Push-ups 24 18
1.5 Mile Run (minutes) 12:53 13:23
Basic Training - Pepper Spray

Male Candidates
Age Group 20-29 30-39
Sit-ups (one minute) 45 41
Push-ups 41 34
1.5 Mile Run (minutes) 10:59 11:22
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