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New York State Police Recruitment Center

Profiles in the NYSP

Major Mary Clark, Division Headquarters - Community Narcotics Enforcement Team

Captain Mary ClarkIn March of 1986, I joined the ranks of the New York State Police and 28 years later I am still living the dream. I attended SUNY Buffalo State, graduating with a degree in Business and Distributive Education. Realizing I didn't want to spend a career in a classroom, I decided to become a New York State Trooper and give back to my community. I currently possess the rank of Major assigned as the Detail Commander in charge of the Community Narcotics Enforcement Team. During the past 28 years I have served in many different roles within the organization including both the uniform force and the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

The New York State Police is an excellent career choice, affording many different opportunities for advancement and job fulfillment. I am currently obtaining my Master's degree through a program offered by the New York State Police through SUNY Albany School of Criminal Justice. The most rewarding part of the job for me is my service to the community and also my extended family of brothers and sisters that I have accumulated throughout my tenure with this organization. The New York State Police has been a gratifying career offering many diverse opportunities and I am confident a rewarding career for many years to come.

Lieutenant Musco Millner, III - Assistant Zone Commander, Zone 1, Troop D

Technical Lieutenant Musco Millner, III, Recruitment and Member HiringThere exists no moment in time that I regret my career choice; becoming a member of the New York State Police in 1993. I chose this career with the intention of being in a position where I could make a difference in and give back to the community where I was raised. The State Police has afforded me the opportunity to continue my education and obtain a Master's Degree, while being employed full-time. I am now an Adjunct Professor for the State University of New York at Mohawk Valley Community College, where I teach Mathematics and Criminal Justice courses. The benefits, a twenty-year retirement, competitive salary, promotional/advancement opportunities and healthcare ensure not only my future but also the future of my two daughters.

Sergeant Scott Nell, Station Commander Troop T

Sergeant Scott Nell, Station Commander Troop DI joined the New York State Police in 1988, attracted by the reputation of the organization and its para-military structure, as well as the opportunity to serve my community. During my first 13 years as a trooper, I served as a Field Training Officer, a firearms instructor and a rifleman. I also spent 9 years as a member of the tactical Mobile Response Team. These assignments afforded me the opportunity to participate in details across New York State, including the World University Games in Buffalo, Goodwill Games in Lake Placid, and Woodstock. I have participated in numerous searches for escaped felons as well as high risk warrant executions.

Sergeant Scott Nell, Station Commander Troop DI have served the last several years as a station supervisor, helping mentor troopers in their daily patrol duties. My career with the state police has been very rewarding and has afforded me many opportunities that I don�t believe I would have had outside of this profession.

Trooper Nelson E. Alarcon, Troop G

Trooper Nelson E. Alarcon, Troop GIn May of 2006, I received the long awaited call to start my career as a New York State Trooper. My experiences during my enlistment in the United States Marine Corps helped me through the 6 month resident state police academy in Albany.

Trooper Nelson E. Alarcon, Troop GI have been with the State Police now for over 8 years and am thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a public servant for the great state of New York. During my career, I had the privilege of being a recruiter's assistant to the Troop Recruiter in Troop K and Troop G during the recruitment efforts of 2006 and more recently in 2012-2013.

One of my favorite duties as a Trooper is public speaking at schools, particularly at elementary schools in the inner city areas of the Capital District. I feel that reaching out to today's youth and bridging the gap created by those who are misinformed as to our purpose, is the most important facet of our many responsibilities as a public servant.

Trooper Harold M. Edwards, Troop T Division K-9

Harold M. Edwards, Division K-9After college I chose to join the NYSP because it was one of the few law enforcement agencies the I wanted to work for.

Since entering service with the NYSP, on October 7, 1991, I have been assigned to a variety of details including the 9/11 attack, Woodstock, and have had the opportunity to be in the presidential escorts for the last three United States Presidents. I am currently assigned to Troop T - SP New Rochelle, where I am a K-9 handler. My current partner, whom I've been working with for the last eight years, is 'Nate'. He is trained for narcotics detection, cadaver detection, tracking and handler protection. Nate was trained at the canine training facility in Cooperstown, NY. Being a K-9 handler for 15 plus years has taken me to just about every part of the state.

Over the past 23 years, I have worked with some of the best police officers out there. (Yes, Troopers are police officers, just with a different title.) Some of them I consider extended family.

With that being said; I could not be more satisfied with the career choice I made to become a New York State Trooper.

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