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New York State Police Recruitment Center


Why is there a minimum and maximum age limit to apply?

The age limits are determined by legislation. NYSP age requirements are specified in NYS Executive Law 215(3) and the New York Codes of Rules and Regulations (9 NYCRR) 475.1(c).

How do I change my address or other personal information?

Click here to update your contact information, anytime day or night. Be sure to log back in after making updates to verify the accuracy of the information.

How important is my contact information?

The contact information that you provide is the only means we have of communicating with you. The primary methods of communication utilized by recruiters are e-mail and/or text messaging. Official correspondence from Division Headquarters in Albany will be by U.S. mail, e-mail and/or text messaging.

Do I need to be a US citizen to apply?

Yes, once applications become available, an applicant must be a citizen of the United States by the application deadline.

I am in the Military and in Federal Active duty status, and I will be deployed during the 2017 exam test dates. What should I do?

You should still apply to take one of the October examinations. You may then submit official documentation demonstrating your Federal active duty status, along with a request to take a supplemental Military examination (dates to be determined), and mail the documentation and request to:

NYSP Trooper Application Unit
1220 Washington Avenue, Bldg. #22
Albany, NY 12226

I am not in the Military or in Federal Active Duty status, and I will miss (have missed) the 2017 Entrance Examination for the position of NYS Trooper. What can I do?

There are no make-up examinations. Please visit www.NYTROOPER.com for future announcements. Please note the opportunity to apply for and take the NYS Trooper Exam takes place just once every four (4) years, so don't miss this great opportunity!

Does successful passing of the examination guarantee me that I will be called in for initial processing at the Academy?

No. Candidates are processed in rank order based upon exam score and any applicable Veteran's Preference credits. We typically conduct processing for two academy classes per year. Based upon the size of the class, we process approximately 10 candidates for 1 vacancy. This means, for example, that for a class size of 100, we will canvas around 1,000 candidates to attend a processing. Classes typically range in size from 100 to 200, depending on the number of vacancies authorized to be filled.

How soon will I be called for further processing after receiving my grade?

Candidates are processed in rank order, which is based upon exam score and any applicable Veteran's Preference credits. We cannot predict at this time when positions will be filled from the 2017 examination list, therefore, please do not contact your recruiter asking when or if you will be reached on the list or called for processing. Candidates reached for the first phase of the selection process will receive an invitation by U.S. mail, e-mail and/or text message. The first phase of the selection process includes college credit review, physical ability test, vision test, and document review. Do not wait to receive an invitation to prepare for the first phase. All requirements are on this site, including what is required for the physical ability test. Failing the physical fitness portion of the first phase stops any further processing steps, and may lead to disqualification for consideration of employment as a NYS Trooper. Click here for more selection process requirement information.

If I have other questions regarding the exam, qualifications, or need more information about becoming a New York State Trooper, who should I contact?

Most questions can be answered on this site. Contact your local recruiter after reviewing this site if you need further assistance.

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